Fact: About 50% of million-dollar solo-preneurs are in home services like roofing, painting, and solar.

Start Your Own Painting Business
and Make a Profit in Just One Month, Even if you have no experience!

Get training, customer support, and a helpful community to launch your Painting, Cleaning or Flooring business. We’ll even send you customers!

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These Roofing Businesses Earn  
$500,000 to $2.4 Million a Year.

We Get You Started Fast.

Most high-income businesses have the same problems.

You need to make a huge investment

There’s a ton of risk involved

You need to hire and manage a team of people you can’t really rely on

Owners helps you avoid all the stress and headaches of getting started.

Low start-up costs

Very little risk – we send you customers!

We even hire and manage your call center

Don’t Wait a Year.
Become Profitable in Just 1 Month.

Starting a new business can take you a year to make a profit.
We take care of all those challenges and legal red tape, and send you customers automatically, so you can start earning and making a profit fast.
You’ll immediately be in-demand, and you control your new business 100%.

You’re 100% In Control.

We don’t tell you what to do or how to build your brand.
We just give you the tools, resources, and customers you need to generate a profit. How you live and work is up to you!

More Fun than Coding, Marketing, or Data Science.
There are a lot of profitable businesses out there, but painting businesses are actually fun.If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to sit behind a computer all day, Owners can help you build the business of your dreams.
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No Experience Necessary.
We’ll Teach You Everything.

Even if you have never owned a business before you can own your own painting company.
Even if you’ve never even touched a roof tile before, we can hand you a profitable roofing business. As long as you’re willing to learn, Owners will give you all the knowledge, skill, resources, and customers you need.

We Take Care of the Boring, Time-Consuming, Expensive Problems that Hold Most People Back…

So You Can Skip to the Fun Part.

There are a lot of reasons people fail when starting a business.

> It’s confusing to get all the insurance, incorporation papers, and licenses you need to operate safely and legally
> Finding the right subcontractors for projects can be a big pain, especially if you hire the wrong people
> And finding customers who are ready to pay you is difficult, and when you’re just starting out, it’s almost impossible
You don’t want to get the wrong kind of insurance or get sued by the city for operating without the right licenses. 

And you definitely don’t want to spend a year building up enough customers to actually make a living. 

We take care of all the complicated, annoying, and expensive problems so you can jump right into providing a service and making a profit.

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We give you the knowledge, licenses, and even the customers. So we need to be sure it’s a good fit.  When you apply today, we’ll review your application and see if you’re ready to join Owners.  Not everyone is cut out for a six-figure business. See if you qualify now.

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Are You a Successful John, or a Failing Dan?



You Get Our
Owners Profit Guarantee

Joining Owners isn’t just a smart way to build a profitable business. It’s bulletproof and 100% guaranteed.  Any hardworking person can become successful with our business model. We guarantee you will make a profit in 3 months or less.  And the whole time, we’ll be there to support you, with all the knowledge, skills, customer support, and payment processing you need.  Most people make a profit in their first 30 days! Click below to apply now and begin your guaranteed journey to a successful business.

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We Only Have 1 Spot Available for Each Area. Apply Today to See If There’s an Opening.

In order to be sure you have plenty of customers, we do not allow multiple Owners businesses to operate in the same area.  This ensures you get all our customers in that location. Therefore, it’s important that you apply immediately to lock in your application for your area first. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is it possible for you to help me build a profitable business in just one month?
We have a ton of experience in the industry, and more importantly, we have a massive, multi-million dollar system to handle all the startup challenges: finding customers, getting paperwork done, and managing customer service. You’ll have a team of painting, roofing, cleaning, flooring, or solar experts working for you from Day 1.
What do I need to do to qualify?
The most important qualification is that you’re a hard worker who’s willing to learn a new skill. We can teach you everything you need to know, but a good work ethic is rare! That’s what makes you so valuable.
Do I still work for myself?
Yes! We are NOT your boss. We just provide support, skills, and customers.
Who’s in charge of my business?
You are! We do not manage your brand or tell you what to do.
Can I really build a six-figure business without any prior experience?
Yes! And you’ll join a massive community of Owners members who have done just that. Some are earning millions of dollars, and all of them are running profitable, fun businesses with Owners.