Start or grow your General Contractor Business

We train you, advise you, take care of customer service, payment software, and much more. In a world where most people don't want to work, a few will make a fortune.
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How does it work?

We incorporate your company

We help you operate in the United States and give you guidance and support to obtain a license and liability insurance. Standout from most of your competitors that lose customers for not being formally incorporated.

We design your brand, logo and website

Get your brand, website and social media profiles like Instagram and Facebook. Stand out from 90% of your competitors that don't even have a website or brand. Local customers in your community trust local brands.

We send you pop marketing material

Stand out with business cards, a company polo and cap and a car magnet. Place door hangers and yard signs. Attend local events and home shows wearing your company swag and win build a loyal customer base faster.

We send your customers

Obtain a curated list of property managers, real estate agents, local large developers and interior designers that are ready to hire your company because they trust Owners. Get more and better jobs, faster.

How does it work?

Win More jobs

Our Experts manage your digital marketing channels and set up exclusive partnerships with large developers and property managers that trust Owners’ network of business owners.

Outsource Call Center

Our call center team calls your leads on your behalf in less than 2 minutes from the time they sign up for an ad, which increases the percentage of leads that become qualified customers by 100%.

Send  Estimates Faster

With more than 10,000 estimates on our track record, we help you build send share same day estimates without facing the rush of underbidding or overbidding.

Get paid faster

With Owners Banking Card you can charge your customers with check, wire, cash, card and offer installments while still getting instant payouts.


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marketing SPEND

10 hours



Average growth IN THE FIRST THREE months

We Build Your Brand, Web and Social Media Profiles

Get your brand, website, and social media in less than 48 hours. Standout from 90% of your competitors that do not even have a website. Don't spend time or money on designers and agencies that charge thousands and take months to deliver.
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We Get You Customers

Our team of Marketing Experts developed partnerships with the largest digital marketing platforms, large real estate developers and property managers. Don't spend your savings and limited marketing budget in Angi and Thumbtack leads that are shopping for prices.
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We Call your Customers and Schedule Appointments

Our Call Center team calls your leads on your company's behalf within two minutes from lead generation and schedules an appointment on your calendar only if the customer is ready to hire you. Don't lose time with customers that are not ready to move forward with the job.
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We Build you Estimates Maximizing Profit

We built more than 10,000 estimates for our business owners, and we can help you charge the right price. Don’t underprice and lose money, and don’t overprice and lose the job. Our estimations team and engine allow you to build and share an estimate with a customer during the estimate visit, and close it right away.
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Get Paid Faster with Instant Payouts and no Hidden Fees

With our App and the Owners Banking Card, you are able to charge your customers in installments, with a credit card, check, wire and cash - and get instant payouts! Avoid stress due to not having access to your cash to buy materials, gas, or to pay your team.
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You can do it. Listen to those
who pursued their dream.

What else you need to know before joining?

How can you help me build a profitable business in just one month?
We have a lot of experience in the industry and most importantly, a massive, multi-million dollar system for managing all the challenges of starting a business: finding customers, doing the paperwork, and managing customer service. As an Owner, you will have a team of experts in painting, roofing, cleaning, flooring, or solar energy working for you from day one.
What do I have to do to qualify?
The most important requirement is to be a hard worker willing to learn a new skill. We teach you everything you need to know, but a good work ethic is rare! That's what adds value to an applicant and sets them apart from the rest.
Would I be working for myself?
Yes, we are NOT your boss. We only provide you with coaching, skills, and support for getting new clients.
Who would be in charge of my business?
You! We won't manage your brand or tell you what to do with it.
Can I really build a six figure business without any previous experience?
Yes, and you’ll join a huge community of Owners members who have done just that. Some of them are already making millions of dollars, and they have built a fun and profitable businesses with our support.

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