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Hire Reliable Vendors

Hire reliable vendors who will help keep your properties well-maintained and running smoothly.


Invite e-bids on your projects to streamline the bidding process and ensure that you receive competitive pricing from qualified vendors.

Mobile and Real-Time Access

Get the flexibility and convenience to stay up-to-date with your data and performance metrics from anywhere, at any time.

Vendor Compliance

Reduce the risk of regulatory penalties and fines by ensuring that vendors are meeting established guidelines and regulations.

Comprehensive Data Management

Store all your data in one tool to ensure that your data is properly managed, secure, and available when needed.

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Automated Bids

Easily get three bids for all your building services before your deadline. Save time, reduce stress, and ensure that you select the best vendor for your needs.

Vetted and Compliant Vendors

Optimise your vendor management operations with access to a large marketplace of vetted vendors, seamless integration with existing vendors and vendor performance tracking capabilities.
Optimize your business operations and achieve greater efficiency with centralized vendor database, customisable dashboards, project management tools, and schedule management tools.

All in One Place

Centralised Data  Management

Optimise your vendor management operations with centralised data storage, robust filtering capabilities, proactive planning tools, and detailed analytics and reporting.

Source Vetted and Compliant Vendors

Manage your preferred vendors and also access a marketplace of vetted vendors.

eBids from Reliable Vendors

Send your project to a pool of qualified vendors who specialise in the building services. These contractors review your project and submit a bid if they are interested.

The modern solution for diversity procurement managers.

"I have been using Owners Platform for several months now, and I am extremely impressed with the platform's capabilities. The platform's vetted and compliant database of vendors and e-contract features have helped me to collaborate more effectively with my vendors and other stakeholders. I would highly recommend it."

Oscar Newman
Property Manager,  Rainmaker Properties LLC

"The platform's intuitive interface and powerful features make it easy to manage even the most complex projects. I particularly appreciate the “verified vendor” feature. The platform's e-bid feature has also helped me to get reliable vendors, reducing the time I spend searching. I would highly recommend it to any construction firm looking for a comprehensive tool."

Ashley Wilde
Property Manager, 
Vision Realty

“The ability to access the platform from anywhere, at any time, has also been a game-changer for me. Overall, Owners Platform has helped me to improve my workflow and collaborate more effectively with property managers and vendors. I would highly recommend it to any PM firm looking for a tool that can help streamline their workflow."

Property Manager, 
Home River Group

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