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For every business owner you refer, you and your referral win $500.

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¿Who can I refer?

Anyone who has the motivation, desire, and drive to learn with Owners to start or grow their business. Friends, Family, Relatives, Acquaintances, Colleagues, Partners, ...

How it works:


Sign up as a referrer (no cost!) and receive the Owner's Ambassador training.


Refer family and friends who want to become independent and start their own business, or grow their local service business.


Get paid as soon as your friend or family member starts with Owners!

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What if I have someone to recommend to Owners?
1. Complete the form you see on this website or talk to us by Whatsapp to tell us who is your friend or family member who can join Owners. We'll ask you for an introduction by text message or email, or we'll call them on your behalf.

2. Once your friend or family member joins Owners, they will receive a $500 marketing bonus and you will receive a $500 referral bonus. Starting with Owners is defined by the moment that a new business Owner pays the full fee for the package they are purchasing.
How do I get more Referrals as an Owners Ambassador?
Create social media content on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram or Facebook about your success with Owners and how you have achieved financial freedom and success through launching and growing your own business. Want help with content creation, write to us!

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