Get Paid 8 Weeks Faster and Stop Fighting with Clients.
Owners Gets You the Cash Fast.

The average business gets invoices paid in 65 days. We get you cash in just 5 days! 

One of the most challenging parts of running your own business is simply getting paid.Clients will bother you with texts, calls, and emails 24/7, but when it’s time to pay your invoice, they forget how to use the phone! We streamline the whole process and make sure you get paid fast.

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Stop Chasing Down Clients.
(We’ll Do It For You.)

Our payment system regularly sends reminders to clients, and billing is automated so you don’t have to rely on people writing checks and waiting for the bank to clear it. 
You deserve to get paid fast. Don’t let other people drag their feet while you anxiously wait for the cash to hit your account.

Payments Are Handled Automatically and Sent to Your Bank Account Fast.

Our payment system is so convenient, you’ll forget to even check on your account.
We save you from worrying about invoices, insurance, paperwork, customer service, and all the other annoying things that come with running a company so that you can focus on doing what you love most – growing your business.

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You Get Paid 8 Weeks Faster on Average.

Ownersmembers get paid about 60 days faster on average, compared to typical businesses who handle their own invoices. Waiting for your customers to pay you can be a real nightmare, especially when you’ve already spent your own cash on labor and materials. 
Take control of your finances with Owners today.

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