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The Transformation and Expansion of Chris Lee

Since Chris began working with Owners, he has seen significant growth in his business. He now generates up to $50,000 a month. Additionally, his team has grown exponentially. Initially, he served 7 to 10 clients per week. Now, he attends to a minimum of 25 to 30 clients during that time.



Revenue Growth in nine months


Team Expansion in a year


Increase in Weekly Clients in less than a year


The day-to-day of a business can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to administrative tasks. One of the main challenges that Chris Lee faced in his cleaning company, Squeaky Clean, was call management. Chris would spend hours on the phone attending to clients and applicants, which took him away from other essential tasks for business growth. Additionally, organizing customer information across different platforms, such as Excel sheets and phone records, made efficient management difficult.


Thanks to Owners, Chris found the solution to these challenges. He now has a team that handles calls for him, allowing him to focus on other areas of the business. Moreover, Owners provided him with a unified platform where he can organize and manage his clients' information efficiently. This organization allowed him to expand his services from cleaning to remodeling and to start a new company.

The Owners team not only assisted Chris with administration but also took care of acquiring new clients. They made calls on behalf of his company, resulting in the acquisition of high-profile commercial clients at no additional cost to him.

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