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Meet Mich & Ed, Co-Founders and his vision
for the future of Owners.

About Owners

Owners is the leading platform for entrepreneurs who want to start or grow their home service company. Together, Owners guides you through everything needed to set up your company, from incorporation to creating your brand and website. With our Grow package, we also help you acquire customers and schedule appointments.

The birds are chirping and the smell of freshly cut grass fills the neighborhood for the first time in five months. Your van pulls up outside 3144, you hear the door close behind you, and you wave to Mrs. Keller as you pull the ladder off the roof of the van. You lean the ladder right next to the first-floor window. As you turn to greet Leo, your subcontractor, the sight of the van hits you... this is yours. Your future. Welcome to Owners.
What is Owners?

Owners is the leading platform for entrepreneurs to start and grow their home service business. With Owners, you face the entrepreneurial journey alongside hundreds of business owners in your community that are ready and willing to help you.

Why Owners?

Owners is the fastest way of going from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur and business owner. We build a community of business owners and designed an App that is as simple as Instagram and Whatsapp, for you to jump from charging $15 per hour to earning thousands per job while employing individuals from your community.

Owners Team, ready to help you!

Mike Mosse

Expert in Business

Hi! I'm a serial entrepreneur and my mission is to help 5,000 entrepreneurs start and grow their local service business. Join me!
I'm a triplet and have 8 siblings! Yes, 8!

Ed Escobar

Expert in Automation

Hi! Two year ago I launched a painting company and grew it to $500k in revenue in 6 months. I’m in charge of building the Owners App for you to manage your business from your phone.
I complete an IronMan Monthly

Alex Grubman

Expert in Operations

Hi! I spent the last 5 years building operations for large tech companies, including Rappi and JOKR. I’m an expert in helping companies grow while building scalable processes - and that’s what I do at Owners every day.
I have lived in 8 countries, 4 in Latin America.

Dario Rabinovich

Expert in Sales

Hi! I spent the last 10 years developing real estate projects in Florida, Texas and NY. After learning how to contract home service vendors, now at Owners I help our business owners find more jobs, faster.
I am a magician

Chris Montero

Expert in Marketing

Hi! Marketing has been a constant in my life and I started my first business when I was 6. I deployed millions in marketing budgets and at Owners, I help our business owners get the highest return on their marketing investment while building amazing local brands.
On my way to reach all 7 Summits

Iggy Ortega

Expert in Business

Hi! I spent my childhood on roofs helping my father -an immigrant- built his home service company. Entrepreneurship is a constant in my life and I spend my days at Owners helping our business owners set ambitious goals and focus on the right tasks to achieve them.
My dog is an Instagram celebrity

Jose Del Rio

Expert in Operations

Hi! I'm a huge fan of paying attention to details and building processes. At Owners I build processes and templates for them to achieve their goals faster, leveraging the broad industry knowledge we have from both our industry experts and our 100+ business owners
I do volunteer work every weekend

Tobias Traverso

Expert in Processes

Hi! I spent the last few years helping Uber grow from 0 to millions of riders and drivers using the App on a daily basis. At Owners I build processes and templates for our business owners to save time and money when running the companies on a daily basis
Bonsais are my hobby

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